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Billing & Payment

Puppy Payment Information

- A deposit of $200.00 is required to make your reservation, the final balance is due 2 weeks prior to pickup/shipment

- The order of choice is determined by the order of reservation

- All our puppies are AKC registered and have a pedigree St-Hubert

- The pups get a puppy vaccination

- The pups are identified by microchip, request and extra payment may be entitled

- The pups are registered in the AKC national register

- The pups can be picked up and /or shipped, extra payment may be entitled after official check up , usually at 7 weeks

- An extra charged will be needed for keeping, raising and socializing a pup beyond 8 weeks of age

- VERY IMPORTANT : The buyer is responsible for the documentation and proper preparation of any specific import requirements for his/her country

Level-I Personal Protection Dog
Average PPD price for a Level I is $8,500 to $ 12,500. Call us for our price; it’s lower than the average.

Level-II Personal Protection Dog
Average PPD price for a Level II is $11,500 to $18,000. Call us for our price; it’s lower than the average.

Level-III Family Protection Dog
Average PPD price for a Level III is $17,000 and up. Call us for our price, its lower than average.

Payments for Crain's Kennels



We at Crain’s Kennels are committed to providing the highest quality K-9 service possible. As professionals, we strive to offer our customers reliable and accurate breeding and training information.

We serve all U.S. locations including the following: New York NY, Los Angeles CA, Chicago IL, Houston TX, Phoenix AZ, Philadelphia PA, San Antonio TX, San Diego CA, Dallas TX, San Jose, CA, Detroit MI, San Francisco CA, Jacksonville, FL, Indianapolis IN, Austin TX, Columbus OH, Fort Worth TX, Charlotte NC, Memphis TN, Boston MA, Baltimore MD, El Paso TX, Seattle WA, Denver CO, Nashville TN, Milwaukee WI, Washington DC, Las Vegas NV, Louisville KY, Portland OR, Oklahoma City OK, Tucson AZ, Atlanta GA, Albuquerque NM, Kansas City MO, Fresno CA, Sacramento CA, Long Beach CA, Mesa AZ, Omaha NE, Virginia Beach VA, Miami FL, Cleveland OH, Oakland CA, Raleigh NC, Colorado Springs CO, Tulsa OK, Minneapolis MN, Arlington TX