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About Us

Here at Crain’s Kennels we breed Belgian Malinois, train dogs for Personnel Protection, Drugs, and Explosives (Family and Business).

Dogs have been used by the military as well as Law Enforcement since World War II. The use of detector dogs in general dates back some 12,000 years to their use for hunting. Today, with the proven reliability of a well trained and maintained explosives/drug/patrol dogs, they have become an invaluable tool for Law Enforcement. Overall Dogs represent the fastest, most versatile, reliable real-time detection/apprehending device available today. There are many machines on the market today, but in no way do they come close to the speed, reliable, versatility, of dogs.

Canine Breeding Program –

We breed Belgian Malinois, to raise and prepare puppies to be future family pets or working dogs. Dogs that graduate from “C K” training will be sold to selective families, local Law Enforcement, federal and state agencies, Department Of Defense, United States Military and Contracted affiliates. We continually look forward to working with breeders throughout the United States to promote new partnerships.

Protection Dog Program –

The Protection Dog industry for many years has used the Level I, Level II, and Level III ranking to denote and identify to its clientele the level of training the dogs have mastered -- unfortunately, this same industry does NOT have a certification agency that standardizes what these protection levels should be. Don't be impressed by the classification number, rather, ask what that truly means to that organization.

We at Crain's Kennels will take the time to educate our future clients, and inform them with what our levels really mean, and what you should expect from our well trained training team. We do this because we hope that our Family Protection Dog program surpasses the training of all others in each of these categories. See our Protection Dog page.



We at Crain’s Kennels are committed to providing the highest quality K-9 service possible. As professionals, we strive to offer our customers reliable and accurate breeding and training information.

We serve all U.S. locations including the following: New York NY, Los Angeles CA, Chicago IL, Houston TX, Phoenix AZ, Philadelphia PA, San Antonio TX, San Diego CA, Dallas TX, San Jose, CA, Detroit MI, San Francisco CA, Jacksonville, FL, Indianapolis IN, Austin TX, Columbus OH, Fort Worth TX, Charlotte NC, Memphis TN, Boston MA, Baltimore MD, El Paso TX, Seattle WA, Denver CO, Nashville TN, Milwaukee WI, Washington DC, Las Vegas NV, Louisville KY, Portland OR, Oklahoma City OK, Tucson AZ, Atlanta GA, Albuquerque NM, Kansas City MO, Fresno CA, Sacramento CA, Long Beach CA, Mesa AZ, Omaha NE, Virginia Beach VA, Miami FL, Cleveland OH, Oakland CA, Raleigh NC, Colorado Springs CO, Tulsa OK, Minneapolis MN, Arlington TX